What are agenda sections?

There are 5 types of agenda sections that will cover most things that need to be included in any given meeting:

  1. Todos: Where you record the action items from the meeting, along with the person responsible and the date that it should be completed by. Todos have a state of Open, Closed, or Tabled
  2. Attachments: Where you include any supporting documents, images, or links relevant to the meeting discussion topics.
  3. Discussions: Where you have the specific topics you want to cover in your meeting. Discussions have a state of Open, Closed, or Tabled. 
  4. Updates: A snapshot of the status of your overarching goals/initiatives/projects. Updates have a state of On Target, At Risk and Off Target.
  5. Metrics: A snapshot of metrics like your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR). You can see the last three entries at any given time. Metrics have a state of On Target, At Risk and Off Target. 

When you set up your meeting rhythm in Tadum you can use any number or combination of these sections. They can be in any order and you can customize the title of the sections to anything you want. 

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