How do I connect my Google Calendar to Tadum?

It’s easy. Simply: 

1.Click on your team in the top right-hand corner of Tadum and go to My Account > Google Calendar

2. Sign in with the Google account that has the calendar you want connected. If you have already signed into Tadum with your Google account and it will just say Connect.


3. Pick which calendar you want to connect and decide which meeting rhythms you want to sync to your calendar.

4. And you are done!

Now when you and your meeting attendees are looking at your calendar events for your meetings, a link to your Tadum agenda will be there.

If you want to disconnect your calendar, simply click the button the says ‘Stop Syncing Calendar’ and your Tadum meetings will no longer be accessible in your Google Calendar.

What if I can't see the Google Calendar link?

If you click on the Google Calendar link and you don’t see any meeting rhythms to sync to your calendar that is because you are NOT the meeting organizer. Only the meeting organizer can sync the meeting rhythms.

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