Can you run a Level 10 Meeting with Tadum?

You sure can. 

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a popular and effective business methodology founded by Gino Wickman. A vital part of executing on EOS is having regular, weekly, structured meetings, called Level 10 Meetings. This kind of meeting is exactly what Tadum was created for! These meetings are held at the same time and place every week and have the following agenda sections:

1. Segue - Each person shares one personal and one business highlight from the past week.
2. Scorecard Review - Update/report on metrics.
3. Rock Review - Each person shares the status of their 90-day goals (“Rocks”) as either on track or off track.
4. Customer/Employee Headlines - A quick report of good/bad news about customers and employees.  
5. To-Do List - Each person shares the status of their previously assigned To-Dos as done or not done.
6. Issues: Identify/Discuss/Resolve (IDS) - Prioritize all issues and then go through the IDS process starting with the highest priority.
7. Conclude - Recap the To-dos for next meeting and have each person rate the meeting from 1 to 10.

Sections 1 to 5 are meant to be reports only. If an issue comes out of any of these, it is added to section 6. 

The Level 10 meeting agenda can be created in Tadum using the following sections for your agenda:

1. Segue → Discussions
2. Scorecard Review → Metrics
3. Rock Review → Updates
4. Customer/Employee Headlines → Discussions
5. To-Do List → ToDos
6. Issues: Identify/Discuss/Resolve (IDS) → Discussions
7. Conclude → Discussions

The Segue and Customer/Employee Headlines fit under the Discussions section because these can be listed as quick items that are either opened or closed.

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